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What To Know?

Unique one-press printing design; any user can operate the printer within 10 minutes and print the first 3D model to have fun. Upgraded 4.4-inch OLED operation screen can be used to control the printer without connecting to the PC.

Want to see where your imagination can take you?

The possibilities are endless, all you have to do is think it. Let the 3D Scanners and Printers do the rest. Lay back and relax  while the quiet and most effective equipment in the market does the heavy lifting of your final product. Be an inventor, an innovator, be the best you can be. Enjoy!

Full metal framework ensures the good print quality. Colorful front acrylic panel and the shining breathing light make the printer’s outlook dazzling. Small body (30cm*32cm*39cm), but big print envelope (16cm*16cm*16cm).

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