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You are AWESOME for visiting Art of Shoes & Beyond!

We Love Shoes. We do it for you.

Follow your He*ART from soul-mate to shoe sole-mate, embrace your authenticity and individual expressions with our crazy footwear styles to custom made to order designs. 

What's Your Lifestyle? 

We are 'Art Of Shoes and Beyond' - passionate about creative footwear from classics, retro styles to fashion trends to basics as we LOVE to do business with You! 

Art of Shoes & Beyond is part of a Multinational Supply Chain Network (SCN) that’s focused on e-Commerce, design – supply - manufacture of a wide variety of shoes and well BEYOND. 


Due to popular demand and our SCN Innovations, our *BEYOND* categories include 3D print services using rapid prototyping and manufacturing process, 3D printers, hi-tech electronics, wireless portable speakers, headphones, and other cutting-edge products for your shopping pleasures. 

Customer Satisfaction is our #1 priority so please contact us if you're not fully satisfied as we will strive to make you HAPPY.  

Originally formed in dynamic Wynwood Art & Design District in Miami, FL back in 2012. 

Regional Distribution locations in Miami,FL; and La Mirada, CA.

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